Oh Jesus Why?

This just happened. Delphine and Cordelia have been fighting all day, apart from some nice long breaks for Sesame Street and Dora. Finally the television ends and after some brief spats Cordelia settles down on the couch looking at a book, and Delphine comes to the dining table to colour.

After not three minutes of peace, Delphine says, out of the blue, with no provocation whatsoever, "You've been looking at that book for a long time, Cordelia!"

So I said, "She must find it very interesting." Trying to pretend we're all normal human beings who don't pick at each other for the sheer joy of it.

Delphine: "It seems boring to me!"

Yet more fighting ensues. Why? Why?! They were doing fine and then Delphine out and out picked a fight! I swear sometimes I feel like wringing their little fucking necks.

Delphine just came over to show me the picture she coloured in for me, with fish and a little pink bird. She's sweet. Her little neck is safe.