Cordelia is...

...independent! We had Cordelia's parent-teacher "chat" today, with her nursery school teachers. I love talking about my children, so I was very excited to be there, and of course Blake doesn't have a job so he came along 'coz he doesn't have anything else to do. Just kidding; he had taken the morning off to come anyway, before the company folded (or whatever it's in the process of doing).

Simone and Sameera were very happy to talk about Cordelia too. Apparently she's a delight at school. (I bet they say that to all the parents.) She's very independent; she puts on her own outside clothes and clears up after snack by herself. This is a revelation to me because like idiots we're still helping her on with her snowsuit and boots, and begging her to take just one thing into the kitchen after meals. Suckers, we are!

Her favourite things are sensory activities: playdough, cornstarch, sand. Anything messy. She's still focused to the point of being oblivious to what's going on around her (she gets that from Blake), and she's happy playing by herself, to the point that her teachers are actually engineering situations to force her into talking and playing with other kids. They are going to hook me up with some good playdate matches for her.

That's their only concern for kindergarten, that she won't be able to make connections with other kids and with the teacher. Academically, in terms of colours, shapes, letters and numbers, she's just fine!