Sorry, didn't I mention...?

Okay, I guess I just kind of sprung that on you. Yeah, I'm pregnant. I did announce it a while ago but then I hid the announcement until I had a chance to tell the family, and then I was so sick and miserable I haven't updated in weeks. Months? A long time.

So to recap, pregnant, due in September, I'm not saying exactly when because people made my life so MISERABLE last time when I was late. No, I'm not saying exactly when to real-life people either; the only ones who know are me, Blake and the midwives.

In other news, between the three of us we have suffered the following diseases since I last posted: cold, cold, sinus infection, food poisoning, food poisoning, ear infection, non-specific sore throat and coughing. That in addition to the constant low-grade nausea and crippling fatigue of being first-trimester.

At the moment all I can do is look forward to spring, when it will warm up and all the germs will go away and I will enter my second trimester and be filled with great, unreasonable energy and optimism.