Back in the running

My knee is better. On my chiropractor's* advice I went to see a podiatrist to see if I have any functional problems with my feet, and he didn't find anything. He thought it was a "weekend warrior" injury, which I find curiously flattering since no-one has ever accused me of being in any way warrior-like before. I think he's right, I just overdid it; not only was I wearing the wrong shoes, but I was also trying to run like a real runner when at this stage I should be doing the old-lady-shuffle to get my body used to this unprecedented level of physical activity.

I resumed running a couple of weeks ago, but I only managed to go out a couple of times before we decided to switch our evening routine around, which left me without a good time to go out. Blake and I talked about it, and finally decided that the only time I can go is after dinner. I was reluctant to go out after a meal, but there is no other good option, as I will discuss in another post (if I have time). And it will encourage me to eat a lighter dinner, which I could certainly stand to do.

Last night I went for my first postprandial run and it was great. I didn't really want to go — it is against my nature to leave the house after seven at night — but go I did. I ran on the Beltline, an old rail track nearby which has been converted into a trail, again on my chiro's recommendation because it's softer and easier on the joints than pavement. I thought it would be boring running the Beltline all the time, but I really enjoy all the people I see; couples with little kids going out for a walk after dinner; fat people like me trying to get fit; trim, middle-aged rich women walking briskly in pairs or groups; serious runners with expensive gear; groups of teenagers on bikes; people out walking their dogs. Yesterday I saw an old lady out for a fitness walk wearing white shorts and a t-shirt, thin putty-coloured ankle socks and plimsoll runners, and no bra. And I thought I would be bored!

I am still doing two minutes of walking and one minute of running, which is how they start you off in the Running Room clinic. When I got home last night I realized it had been a pretty easy run, so next time I will step it up to one-and-one.

* While my chiropractor is technically a chiropractor, the care she gives me is mainly something called Active Release Techniques which is basically very targeted massage with movement, designed to loosen tight muscles and break down scarring. Since pretty much all my physical problems stem from tight muscles in my legs and butt it works really well for me. I say this because I don't want you to think I am dumb enough to go to a chiropractor for a sore knee — I would no more do that than go to an opthamologist for a sore elbow.