Great Piles of Crap

I cleaned my purse out today. It had been getting heavier and heavier, and I was quite curious as to what was in there.

Crap from my purse

Some highlights:

  • vast quantities of paper napkins (only some of which were used)
  • Chinese restaurant flyer
  • pirate eye patch
  • pirate map
  • plastic telescope
  • plastic shark
  • yoga studio brochure
  • Ontario Science Centre flyer
  • four lip glosses
  • Licemeister™ lice comb

I've been doing a lot of work-work lately, and not finding time for life maintainance. The state of my purse, before I cleaned it out, was much like the state of my wallet, and the state of my desk, and the state of my yard, and indeed the state of my house. When that much of your life is in disarray it makes you feel like a bit of a failure. I was really glad to get a chance to clean out my purse, and I hope I can get to some of that other stuff soon.