My Life in Point Form

This is a nice metaphor, actually: I feel like I only have time for myself in the form of short bulleted statements.

  • I just called for an NDP sign for the balcony window.
  • I am reading books about software project management but I am concerned that my lack of programming experience will hinder me.
  • I am not losing weight as quickly as I would like, but
  • I am also not eating as healthily or getting as much exercise as I should.
  • I made and then cancelled an appointment to get my hair cut very very short.
  • Cordelia is crying and I am ignoring her because I want to post this.
  • (Okay, I got her a soother.)
  • It's warm enough (eleven degrees) that I have the windows open to air the place out. It's JANUARY!
  • My back is kind of sore and I have a chiropractor appointment and a massage booked for next week.
  • I am going to relearn how to skate so I can teach Delphine (she got bob-skates for Christmas) because I think all Canadian children should know how to skate.
  • I am looking forward to getting back to yoga because it makes my back stronger, it's relaxing and it helps me go longer without taking a breath when I sing.
  • I rejoined the choir -- I can still sing a high B-flat (or higher, but no-one writes higher than that for choirs).
  • I watch a lot of TV: The Daily Show, Miami Ink, What Not To Wear, Everybody Hates Chris, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, The Hour on CBC Newsworld, Dead Like Me, American Idol, and assorted emergency room and decorating reality shows. I don't watch Desperate Housewives, Lost, 24, or The Bachelor, so even though I watch a lot of TV I still can't talk about it with other people.
  • I like having the window open and being able to hear the city. I feel more like I'm a part of it. I will miss living on Yonge Street when we move.
  • We probably won't move for another eighteen months or so.