So. My back is screwed up, again, probably because I haven't been doing the stretches and things I am supposed to do, and generally haven't been doing any exercise at all, apart from the usual lugging of kids and light housekeeping and gardening. Apparently that isn't going to do the trick, though, so I am looking into starting Pilates with Morgan as soon as my back clears up.

For today, though, I am useless. Delphine has literally been watching TV all day. It's a bit of an experiment; will she ever get sick of watching TV? So far, no. Cordelia has been amusing herself in that babyish way just wandering around exploring toys and things. Babies are so easy.

I've been icing my back (mmm, icing) and taking ibuprofen all day, and it feels a bit better. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be fine, because tomorrow morning Delphine has her four-year-old annual checkup and I don't fancy limping down there with her and Cordelia in tow. Still and all, I'll manage one way or another. And now Miss Cordelia is awake, so I have to go retrieve her.