Links for Morgan

Morgan was saying she needs more stuff to check on the Internet, so here are some sites I think you all should read if you don't already:

Mimi Smartypants adopted a baby girl a year ago. Her baby is a couple of months older than Delphine. (When she first, um, got Nora it totally blew my mind that Mimi had an eight-month-old, and I only had a six-month-old, but I had a been a mother for six months and Mimi had only just started. I think I was jealous, and rightly so because it only starts to get good at eight months. All babies should start at eight months -- maybe I will send my next one to an orphanage for the first eight months. Or to Sascha and Leontine.) Mimi is very funny, especially the one where Nora feeds the cat.

Dooce has an eight-month-old named Leta who is much more of a handful than Delphine ever was, and also a very amusing constipation problem and a slightly less amusing (but only slightly) mental illness problem.

Okay, that's only two, but someone lost all my bookmarks so I'm groping blindly around the Internet at the moment. If I think of any more I'll post them, or you could just look at the list of journals over on the right, but I haven't updated that for ages and I can't guarantee any of them will be funny or interesting.