Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea...

No particular reason for that title, I just always wanted to use it, and it is generally true. In fact, I could pretty much use it as the title of my entire journal.

First some shout outs (shouts out?) to my crippled friends. On the other side of the pond is my friend Frances, who I knew when I was in the equivalent of grade seven and eight, and who I have by some miracle managed to keep in touch with ever since, off and on. We barely know each other, really, but we persist in keeping in touch because we're stubborn like that. And as it turns out she likes Minette Walters too, so she must be at least as cool as she was back in 1907 or whenever.

Anyway, she is laid up with a broken leg which she suffered in a bar fight at the hands of two unnamed female assailants while nobly protecting a friend. Fortunately Frances is a kickboxer so if she has a broken leg I shudder to think what shape the others were in.

A little closer to home, my friend Kathryn (Delphine's "beatifuw Kafryn") also broke her ankle over Christmas. Sadly she doesn't have a good story like Frances, but she does have an assortment of plates and pins in her leg which necessitate her carrying a card at all times stating that she is not a terrorist. I think that's pretty cool.

Kathryn is one of those people who seems to be blessed with longer days than the rest of us, because she crams in so much. Besides being a teacher she also is in at least two bands (she plays flute and piccolo) and my choir. She plays volleyball and just the other day I suggested we go skating together sometime (after she's better, of course) and she casually mentioned that yeah, she's a certified CanSkate instructor. All this and she's pretty too. She has a new blog so all y'all can read about her interesting and busy life. (No pressure, Kathryn.)

Cordelia just woke up so that will have to be all for now. I'm off for a cuppa tea.