We're Back!

Cordelia and I are back from Saskatchewan so Blake's adventure in single parenthood is over. He was obligingly overwhelmed by it — “I hardly had any time to read at all!”, and that's with only one kid, and the easy one at that. Yeah, keeping house and raising babies is, in fact, a lot of work. Who knew? I am only kind of being sarcastic here; I used to think I would feel guilty about staying home until I realized how much damn work it is.

But anyway, Saskatchewan. We went to visit my parents, and the timing was good because my dad just went into a nursing home so my mom needed help with getting him settled in and getting the house sorted out so she can manage on her own. We cleaned and sorted and went out for lunch and shopped (as much as you can shop in Big River); it was a regular ladies' week. Cordelia was a huge hit with my mum; they read the Sears catalog and watched TV and looked at all the stuff my mum has.

Cordelia and I visited my dad at the home every day, and Cordelia was a huge hit with the grannies and grandpas, with her big grin and very loud observations. “Dinosaur there!” “See fishies!” She also pulled out all the grandbaby stops on the last day and gave my dad lots of nice hugs and kisses.

So there is a huge blog entry just waiting to be written, about this summer and how Delphine and Cordelia are doing, about my thirty-second birthday; all that narcissistic blather you have come to expect from this blog. Whether I will ever get around to writing that entry is yet to be seen, but I have high hopes for this next month, what with school and all.