A Quote I Like About Atheism

I'm not sure where to post this, but I saved it because it rings so true for me. It's from Robert Sapolsky's Essay, "Mountain Gorilla and Yeshiva Boy", in Curious Minds: How A Child Becomes A Scientist. He describes an epiphany:

...There is no God. This is gibberish.

Since then, I've had no religion, in fact no capacity for spirituality of any sort whatsoever. There is no facet of my life — love, parenting, mulling over why we are here — that I view outside the context of mechanistic science. For me, there is no Divine Watchmaker — no top-down volition, no purpose, no cause beyond what emerges from the complexity of biological systems. This is no a cold point of view: I am as intensely emotional now as I was at the age of thirteen, and I don't find science and emotionality to be at all contradictory. Nor do I believe that science is an emotional substitute for religion. But for me, it has finally made the religious worldview impossible.