So Many Things

It's Thursday at 6:14 pm. Blake should be home soon, because he went into the office early. In the meantime, I'm sitting at the computer reading the forum and nursing Delphine, who is in a crusty mood today.

She got the cold that I had, or maybe she got some other, unrelated cold, but either way she's coughing and has a snotty nose, and for all I know has a sinus headache like I did yesterday. She's generally behaving sensitive; little things are setting her off in a way that they don't normally. Poor thing.

She's crawling, though. Properly crawling, on hands and knees, not creeping on her belly. Sometimes she still creeps, when she's on hardwood and wants to go fast, and she's gotten really good at it; she looks like a crocodile when she's going at top speed, little limbs splayed out to right and left, her whole torso twisting from side to side.

I'm off to Florida to visit my in-laws next Thursday. I'm only there for five days, until the following Tuesday. I decided I'd only go for a few days because I don't really like Florida, am not really interested in shopping or sitting in the sun. What I didn't consider when I made the decision is that with Florida comes three full-time babysitters (my mother-, father-, and sister-in-law), meaning it will be as much of a vacation from mum-duty as any mother is ever likely to have without actually having to be apart from her kids. And I could really use the break. I don't think five days will be enough, but it's too late to change now; next year I'll go for longer, and count my blessings.