Coppa Del Mundo

Now that both England and Brazil are out of the World Cup finals I'm having a hard time getting excited about the last few games. At least Italy are in; they are always a useful second backup after Brazil, but while I am glad to see them play, I don't really care all that much whether they win or lose.

Anyway, it's hard watching football around here. Watching a football match properly calls for a degree of attention that is impossible while you are making sure that Child 2 isn't choking on some abandoned crayon, and at the same time reading Pooh (with all the right voices) to Child 1. So mostly it's been on as background noise for the last month, a screen saver for the television. It's the most TV Delphine has ever watched, I think. We talk about where the players come from, and what their names are. (Delphine now knows that Germany is a country.)

I will be sorry when it's all over; I have tried being interested in league football, but I just don't care, and even the Euro Cup (or whatever it's called) isn't all that interesting. You have to have the little African countries to root for, and the wonderful South Americans. So I'll put my fan hat away until 2010, when Delphine will be seven and Cordelia will be three and a half -- older than Delphine is now. (Last World Cup we had no children at all!) And maybe next time England will win...