Things I Want

'Tis the season for acquisitiveness, but honestly, I want stuff all year 'round. I don't expect anyone to get me any of this, because we're not "doing" presents this year and anyway Blake never buys me anything that he knows I want. Some kind of perverse male pride thing, like not asking for directions. So this list is really just for my amusement.

This is what I want right now:

  • a classic French mandoline
  • a long fleece nightie for those mornings when I just don't want to get out of bed. (Isn't it nice when you imagine your perfect whatever, and then it turns out someone else has designed and manufactured it?)
  • too many books to name.
  • ballerina-style slippers like this
  • a new bra. I've been wearing the same two nursing bras for three years now. They are so done. I'm not even nursing any more! I also need another running bra. Except I don't know what size I am, so I have to go to the store and get measured properly.
  • another computer so I can do computer stuff while we watch TV (our computer is our TV). Actually Blake just bought a new computer so in theory I could borrow his.
  • protective table pads; back before we even thought about having kids we bought an elegant, flawless wood dining table. Turns out it shows every scratch and fingerprint.
    So now I keep it covered with a cloth tablecloth over a vinyl tablecloth. It looks awful but it works. Now, those table pads I linked to look really tacky because apparently they haven't redone their marketing material since 1982, but I was at the house of a friend who has them and they actually look really great. I thought she had a cool leather-embossed table at first. They're only a couple hundred bucks and I really should have bought some by now.
  • a long down coat for those freezing afterschool pickups. Not black, though, or I will look like all the other North Toronto moms in their long black down coats.