Good Stuff I Bought

You know how all makeup claims it's the best thing since they invented makeup, and it will change your life? Well, Cover Girl LashExact won't change your life, but it does do what it claims, which is not clump. As far as I can tell the goo in the bottle is the same as ever, but the wand is new technology; it's not regular bristles like a normal mascara brush, but little plastic bristles very evenly spaced. It works a dream.

The next thing I like is something my mother sent us, a set of three CDs called 100 Silly Songs. It has every kid's song you have ever heard, plus a few that haven't been heard for decades because they're quite politically incorrect, like "The King of the Cannibal Islands", or "I Wish I Were A Little Bar of Soap". They're all nicely arranged and well-sung, with complete verses. It's almost like a reference CD.

The last thing I have bought that I like is my new crumb sweeper. I didn't get that brand -- mine is much cuter -- but the idea is the same. It works really well at picking up the crumbs off the tablecloth after Delphine the barbarian has eaten -- I just, swoosh, sweep it across the table and the crumbs are gone as if by magic. (I use a tablecloth because our table is wood and I want to keep it nice until the children have manners and are less prone to drumming on the table with their forks and such.) I am looking forward to the post-croissant cleanup on Sunday.