What's On The Fridge?

I have a friend who says he would read my blog if I posted the minutes of our family meetings. Now, I don't necessarily want this friend to read my blog because I'm scared that he'll figure out I'm not as smart as he thinks I am, but it is kind of a neat idea. The family meeting minutes are on the fridge, along with all kinds of other household ephemera: kids' artwork, of course, and Delphine's weird written creations; the week's dinner menus and resulting shopping list; back when we had a regular income, our budget was up there; invitations to upcoming events (usually for Delphine)... Basically all our dirty laundry is aired on the fridge.

So here are some highlights:

This week's dinner menu:

chicken jambalaya
ham, mashed potatoes and peas
oven-roast root vegetable fries & grilled cheese sandwiches
fiesta chicken soup with tofu instead of chicken
teriyaki beef on rice

So far it's all been pretty tasty. I ended up using ham for the jambalaya because there wasn't as much leftover chicken as I thought there would be from the weekend's roast. Kat was here for the oven fries and grilled cheese and she loved it. I like feeding Kat, she's always happy with what I make.

Minutes For The Next Family Meeting
  • rules for video games
  • how to prevent fighting every evening
  • bedtime: Mum's responsibilities and girls' responsibilities
  • we need some rules about touching the computer
    • let's set up an account for Delphine

New Rules
  • Underpants must be worn at all times (except in bed)
  • No TV during the week
  • No candy before lunch
  • No complaining about people or situations within the home.

(The underpants rule has since been modified by my pedantic children to include the bathroom as well as bed. The TV rule has since been changed to allow two shows during weekdays and four shows a day on weekends. The complaining rule came about because certain people were expressing their concerns by whining rather than constructive requests: "I can't reach the bread!" rather than "Can someone pass me the bread." I think it's a good rule for life, actually.)

Delphine's List of Foods For Each Month

No, I don't know why each month needs a food. No, I don't know what it means: do you have to eat the food every day that month? Once that month? Can you eat the food any other month? She just demanded we devise this list. Translations in parentheses.

J pie (January: pie)
F horts (February: hearts of any description. I so want to bring home a package of chicken hearts.)
M Fiddld (March: fiddleheads. She was quite impressed when she realised fiddleheads has three d's in it.)
A tost (April: toast. Complete with backwards "s")
MAY cace (May: cake! It's her birthday.)
JUN schobaires (June: strawberries. She goes crazy with the spelling sometimes)
JL pechs (July: peaches)
O iescrem (August: ice cream)
S Apples (September: apples!)
N rodabaga (November: rutabaga)
Oct Pamkns (October: pumpkins)
D Pudine (December: pudding. "I don't even like Christmas pudding, Mama, I just put that in for you." Awww.)