Black Eyed Peas

Can I just say I love where music is going now? We got the Black Eyed Peas CD and it's all over the place, it's funk, it's hip-hop, it's metal, it's pop. And it's pretty much all good. I'm so glad to get some new music in the house, I was feeling pathetic and unhip listening to classical radio all day. (Although for all I know, Black Eyed Peas are pathetic and unhip; that's how pathetic and unhip I am.)

Anyway, I'm feeling pleased with myself because I looked up The Apl Song and figured out that the stuff which isn't in English is Tagalog. I guess if I were smarter I would have listened to the English lyrics and caught the reference to the Phillipines, but hey, with Google you don't need to be smart. Tagalog sounds cool, it's all bubbly and flowy. I'd like to speak it.