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Delphine's Dream Spa

Today Delphine described her dream spa. (I don't know how she knows about spas.) "There would be a really big hot tub, with books and food and drink right by the edge."

Then she thought for a moment.

"It would be a hot tub in a library!"

That's my girl.

Delphine Writes To Santa

Delphine Writes To Santa
To Santa: I Would Like
  • a doll
  • a marble run
  • a marble [in case they don't ship them with the marble run, I guess]
  • a fairy dress
  • a book of poems
  • a Word Girl chapter book
  • a deck of cards
  • an iPod (earphones) [she doesn't like to leave things to chance]
  • a watch
  • a mug I can paint

I asked her about the iPod (because sad to say, we don't listen to much music) - she said she wanted to play games.

Delphine Writes About Santa

Delphine Writes About Santa
Santa Claus's House. By Delphine

Everyone knows that Santa brings us presents and lives at the North Pole. But what does his house look like? It has a Santa chair and a fireplace with the fire usually on and smells like cookies.

I have no idea where she learned that rhetorical question structure, but I think it's brilliant! Also apparently "usually" is very hard to spell.