Lots of Books

I have read a few books since I last posted here. I didn't post for ages because for ages I didn't read anything; when Delphine naps, I nap too, because I'm pregnant and if I don't nap in the afternoon I hit a brick wall at 4:30 and fall asleep over Delphine's supper. So in the last couple of months I've clawed myself through two, maybe three books.

Then I threw my back out and got to lie around for two days, and I think I have pretty much made up any book deficit I might have had.

So here's what I've read. I read a collection of long short stories, or short novels, or whatever, edited by Robert Silverberg. Legends, I think. I'm not sure which one. They were pretty good, I guess, but they didn't make me any smarter or more interesting.

Don't Make Me Stop This Car! Adventures in Fatherhood by Al Roker, which is totally a parenting journal/blog, printed out and bound. Cute.

Language Visible: Unravelling the Mystery of the Alphabet from A to Z by David Sacks, which goes through the history and cultural baggage (for want of a better word) of the letters of the alphabet, one by one. Mostly interesting, although a little repetitious. Almost all the letters took the same journey from Egypt to our alphabet; is it really necessary to describe that journey anew for each letter? Also I found the historical sidebars pretty boring, but fortunately the sidebar format made them easy to skip.

McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories, edited by Michael Chabon. Good stories, although I always feel like short stories are trying too hard. Like any collection of short stories, this would have been better enjoyed in small sips rather than gulped down all at once, but I never manage to do that. Besides, I have to take it back to the library.

Beach Girls, by Luanne Rice. Fluff, but good fluff. Also a story about mothers and daughters, which is always guaranteed to get me all verklempt.

I think there might have been a couple more, but I don't remember what they are.


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