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Fri, 31 Jan 2003
I took a few more pictures last weekend, and finally got the time to put them up on the web. Nothing too exciting, I don't think, but they turned out reasonably well. When I convert them to their final web-based format I scale them down so that they're smaller than 800x700. If that's still too large, or too slow, let me know, and I'll see about cutting it back further. When I'm using my laptop (which runs at 1024x768 (Shut up, you!)) I get about 15 pixels worth of scrollbar, but I don't know if that's because of my overly large IE title settings, or if the pictures are actually too large.
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Sun, 05 Jan 2003
Amy and I bought some new art this afternoon. I had recently seen a poster that I thought she would like, and so when we went by the store, we dropped in. It turned out there was another in the same series, and we agreed that they would look pretty good above the computer. So we got them, and hung them, and I put a picture up. The other picture is of a banana bread Amy made a while ago.
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